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3 ways to stop social anxiety

3 ways to stop social anxiety

Social Anxiety Disorder or Social Phobia it’s so common. It is believe that it affects about 10% of the entire population in one form or the other. In fact, it can affect just about anyone – from housewives to movie stars.

When a person is affected by this social fear or phobia, there are physical symptoms accompanying this disorder. Some cases may include blushing, hyperventilate, trembling, increase heart rate, stammering, intense tension and feeling nausea. In acute cases, the person may feel drowsy, dizzy, fainting and feel as though one is about to pass out. All this, of course, adds to intensify the fear.

The undercurrent behind this particular disorder is often the fear of being judged negatively by others. And hence, this fear make and the individual become so terrified of doing anything that may make them embarrassed.

There are many different forms of fears; one of the most common social phobias is the feeling of social awkwardness.

You may find yourself caught feeling socially awkward many times in your life. These will stop you from getting your dates or making new friends. And hence resulted in the many lonely nights you experienced and this makes you feel low.

In order to get your dates or make new friends, you have to feel comfortable in your own skin in most environments.

These are 3 ways to stop social awkwardness and get your hot date easily or enter into new meaningful relationships.

1. Elevate your self-confidence and self-esteem. You have the power to change how you feel. The first step is to accept yourself, as this will make others accept you easily.

Stop listening to the little voice that criticized you and remind you of the wrong things you have done. Shut down the “Pathological Critic” – the negative voice that attacks and judges us – Eugene Saga, Psychologist. Don’t believe these critics by deleting them mentally.

2. During an interaction, focus on the person that you are talking to and make them feel comfortable by being interested in them. If someone feels comfortable with you, they become friendlier towards you. Thus you are natural and the interaction is positive.

Accept the fact that no matter what you do, some people will like you more and others may like you less. This applies to everyone. Make it a point to spend time with only those who enjoy your company.

Be authentic and confident. If someone doesn’t think that you are good enough, drop them and go meet new people that are going to accept you and love your personality.

3. Don’t try too hard- be natural
There is no need to rush to date someone or make new friends desperately. Work on “being”. Learn to be centered and grounded. Meditation works.

Spend a moment each day, relax your mind and body by doing deep breathing and observe silence. In the silence mode, reflect upon all the positive qualities about yourself and appreciate your being. When you feel good about yourself, others will naturally warm up to you.

Finally, come to your realization that there are lots and lots of people out there for you to meet and connect. Take your time to explore and enjoy.

After all, you want to meet and date the right people that are worth your time and effort.

However, if you find yourself still panicking even you apply the above suggestions then you may need to seek professional help.

The root of your problem usually stem from your childhood. And if left unresolved, it may cause a person to use distracters such as alcohol, cigarettes, food etc….. to cope and feel better. But, these will lead to negative consequences.

Medication does not treat the root of the problem.

One good solution is psychotherapy usually comes in the form of CBT — Cognitive Beviour Therapy.

While this approach may provide a degree of relief, the emphasis is to manage the symptoms and hence not removing the underlying cause.

The most effective remedy is modern and advanced hypnotherapy techniques.

The subconscious mind that stores our knowledge, experiences and beliefs has a protective part that protects the individual from danger by sending the alarm when we are faced with “stress”. Sometimes these may create feelings of anxiety and fear because the human mind naturally moves away from pain and towards pleasure.
But the subconscious can get the wrong signal, when it simply reacts on the stimuli based on the previous conditioning that may not be appropriate.

With modern advanced hypnotherapy techniques we access into the deep level of the subconscious mind to where those negative feelings are generated. The hypnotherapist will then change the erroneous beliefs that keep the anxiety & fear ‘program’ running.

When this is achieved, the symptoms – such as social anxiety, fear and phobia are disassociated and will not trigger any further in the conscious level.

You can go back to your core existence and released the fear for good. You can then meet lots of people and have a life.

Would you want to regain your confidence?

Hypnotherapy is a very effective and permanent solution to your problems. When you require my assistance, please do not hesitate further and contact me.

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