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Anger Management

Anger Management


Anger is a subject that much has been written about. It is the main human emotion that has given rise to disastrous conflicts. The signs of anger are visible and can do have tragic outcomes. It behoves us to be in control of our anger at all times as it can give us the greatest amount of grief.

Every day we face sources of frustration that can trigger outrage and vicious acts. Traffic incidents, other people’s actions, offending remarks and frustration at work are some of the events that can trigger angry reactions in us.

When a person is angry her heart race, her blood pressure rises, the body’s adrenal glands go into overdrive to increase the flow of adrenaline to get the heart pumping harder and faster in preparation for some sudden and desperate burst of action. Prolonged anger produces a body response where the effects can be described as toxic.

Health Risks

It is very unhealthy to sustain a heightened level of stress by holding onto anger and resentment. The long term effects of anger include heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

A person who is perpetually angry may break out in rage and commit acts of violence, utter hurtful words which will be regretted later, or simply have a heart attack or stroke and either die or be crippled for life. These examples may be extreme but they have happened when people are in a state of anger. Yet there are many people who hold anger in themselves and don’t see the hazards of doing so.

Emotional and Mental Effects

Anger doesn’t necessarily have to be explosive. It can be expressed in angry and hurtful words or actions. A mother could say in a fit of anger she doesn’t love her son and that would really drive her son away. Anger affects the person who is angry and alienates those who are close and dear to her.

When we are angry, we lose our clarity and can’t make much progress in life. A positive mindset is essential in living a happy, successful and well-adjusted life. A persistently angry person cannot sustain positivity for long, as the mind cannot be both positive and negative at the same time. The negative mindset will override the positive eventually.

Managing Anger

A person could handle anger by exercising self-control or will-power, but sooner or later she will very likely relapse if the root of the cause for anger is not identified. Anger can be managed more successfully than will-power in one of two ways: through psychotherapy or hypnotherapy.


When people use psychotherapy to handle their anger, they work at the conscious level with the goal of identifying the source of their anger. They may be able to do that eventually but it can be a very long process. The next step is to acknowledge the source and make conscious decisions to manage the anger. In this process we are trying to get at the root of anger and handle it.

In the conscious waking state the mind is constantly filtering off inputs, and unless a person is completely focused on the process of psychotherapy and is receptive to the process, the results are usually not long lasting.


Hypnotherapy recognises that a person cannot lose her memories and experiences and so has no illusions of “removing” the cause. So a person must understand that the source of the anger will always be there in her experience. What is imperative is letting go of the experience and its resulting anger.

Sustained life-long anger very often has its roots in past hurts, violence or unfairness. For example if a person was physically abused as child, the experience is held for a long time, and turns into anger in later years. The result is the child grows into adulthood and becomes a parent who abuses her child. This vicious cycle is very often seen in the background of reported cases of child abuse.

How Hypnotherapy Helps

In hypnotherapy we work with the sub-conscious (which is where the memories of our past experiences are stored) using regression. A person will first go into the hypnotic state in the present, and will be asked to regress to the point where a root cause or causes can be found. This is the source of the anger, for example, the beatings the child gets for not obeying her parent.

At the point of regression, the person replays and re-experiences the pain and trauma of the incident. This leads to a recognition and acknowledgement of the root cause for the anger. She is then guided towards realising that the past has no hold on her; the trauma and pain are in the past, and all that really matters is now. This realisation gives the person true power over her life. A more peaceful and calm life is ahead of her, and she no longer needs the anger and can release it.

Seeking Help

While many anger management CDs and audio files are on sale over the Internet, they may or may not have a long lasting effect. It is very important to get at the root of anger in a person’s life, as it is one of the most dangerous and destructive human emotions.

We encourage you to seek a qualified professional Hypnotherapist’s help with regards to resolving anger as opposed to, say, managing stress. You can discover the source of your problems, and, in a few sessions, resolve your anger issues permanently.

Would you want to overcome your anger problem?

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