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Grief And Loss

Grief And Loss

Losing someone or something can be very painful emotionally. Grief is a natural response to loss that causes physical and mental stress.

Some of the factors:

  • death of a loved one
  • loss of a job or business
  • relationship break up
  • miscarriage
  • loss of friendship
  • death of a pet
  • loss of a dream

Usually, the more significant the loss is, the more intense the grief.

Physical and emotional effects of Grief

Emotions come in the 5 stages:

      1) Denial – shock and numbness sets in; hard to accept that the loss really happened.


      2) Anger – resentment and feeling the need to blame someone and even yourself.


      3) Bargaining – “if only…” or “what if…” statements to spare the loss; guilt often accompanies.


      4) Depression – deeper level of grief such as despair, emptiness and deep loneliness.


    5) Acceptance – learning to live with the loss.

It is natural to feel any of the emotions and you may or may not go through all the stages which is perfectly fine as some resolve their grief without experiencing any of the above.

Besides the emotions, the physical symptoms could be:

  • weight loss or gain
  • low immunity
  • insomnia
  • aches and pains
  • nausea
  • fatigue

Effects of Grief

In many cases, the reactions can sometimes be frightening and overwhelming. The person may become emotionally unstable. As time goes on, the person may feel depressed and the need to cope with the grief. At this point, there is a possibility that one will turn to negative habits such as drinking, drugs, smoking, etc.

It is important to know that everyone grieves differently! There is no right formula and it depends on your life experience, your personality, your faith and others. Feeling frightened and sad is natural. Crying doesn’t mean you are weak and not crying doesn’t mean you don’t care. This is the time to show your true feelings. There is also no right or wrong time to grieve. The grieving would only end after there is acceptance of the loss.

How do you cope with grief and loss?

Turn to friends and family, and accept the help that is given instead of avoiding contact. If you have a religion, you may want to seek comfort by praying or doing meditation. However, if you are questioning your faith at this time, talk to others in your religious community. You may also turn to support groups at counselling centres or hospitals.

At the same time, it is good to face your feelings and acknowledge the pain so you may heal. Make sure you keep yourself healthy by eating right and sleeping right. Your mind and body are connected to each other. Don’t let anyone including yourself, tell you how you should feel. It is your personal pain. Therefore, feel whatever you feel without embarrassment or judgement.

In some cases, anti-depressant drugs are prescribed as the symptoms of grief and depression are alike. However, this is only a temporary measure as the medication only treats the symptoms and do not treat the root cause which is the loss itself. Understanding that, we know there is no medical cure to take the loss away which has already taken place.

How hypnotherapy helps

The first thing to understand is that the loss has happened and there is no way to make it “un-happen”. Your hypnotherapist will help you to acknowledge that so you may start your journey of healing, making it more meaningful and to come to terms of any unfinished business.

One very beneficial positive suggestion to start with is to help you to be calm and relaxed so you may sleep properly every night. It is important that you have restful sleep so your body, mind and spirit may rest and recover and not be overwhelmed and shut off from the world.

Your hypnotherapist will help you to subconsciously unblock and resolve whatever thoughts or feelings that are preventing you to complete your grief naturally. This will help release the negative emotions locked up inside you. The memories will remain but you will no longer be affected by the painful feelings. A closure therapy may be applied when needed so that you can move forward and have only the good memory of the departed.

Would you want to be happy once again?

Hypnotherapy is a very effective and permanent solution to your problems. When you require my assistance, please do not hesitate further and contact me.

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