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Improve Memory

Improve Memory

It is vital to have good memory, regardless of what we do with our lives. Remembering information will help the student to score in their exams, the working person to excel and produce efficiency, showing responsibility. What is more important is that having a good memory will help to reduce stress brought about by worrying they might have forgotten something.

Sometimes, some people may suffer a momentary memory lapse which should not be of concern unless it starts to occur more frequently. Biologically, our brains are not made to forget unless there is some physical damage to the brain. When you “forget”, it could mean that your mind is not focused and there may be some subconscious issue that is preventing you from recalling.

What other factors can cause poor memory?

Some examples are:

  • Fatigue
  • Over-working
  • Boredom
  • Lack Of Exercise
  • Natural ageing process
  • Ailments such as high blood pressure, dementia, stroke, epilepsy, tumours, head injury
  • Side effects of medication and alcohol

Aside from the above, psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, worry and depression have been seen to be the major causes of poor memory. It can also be a result of poor self image.

How you can help yourself

One way is to exercise your memory by constantly using it and testing it. You can buy books on memory tests or you may devise your own. Examples are: memorising friends’ telephone numbers, dates, prices of groceries, puzzles and games, etc. As with all things, start with a small list making sure you memorise all of them with ease before building up.

It is also proven that people who are constantly being stressed and anxious, they produce stress hormones which can be harmful to the brain cells. Therefore it is vital to take time out and relax in activities that will take the stresses away. Activities such as exercising and cultivating a proper diet will definitely go a long way towards having a better memory.

Find out what is causing you stress and how you can overcome it. Exercising and having a proper diet will produce good biochemicals necessary for lowering stress levels.

How Hypnotherapy will help to improve memory

Memory is not stored like events as in videos or movies. It is highly selective and stored along with our own beliefs and values in the subconscious mind. Combined with relaxation techniques, it is a step closer to help you to recall anything you want by focusing your attention and allowing deeper access into the subconscious. Then, your hypnotherapist will be able to uncover and resolve whatever the root causes were to the triggering events, thus neutralising the negative effects which resulted in poor memory.

Your hypnotherapist will help you to focus your attention in your memory system to experience the increasing vividness of the details and thereby locating, retrieving and recalling the information. Hypnotherapy will also enhance your memory by improving the mechanisms as you create, store and retrieve information.

Would you want to improve your memory?

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