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Nail Biting

Nail Biting

What is Nail Biting?

Nail biting is a condition affecting both children and adults. This behaviour often goes unnoticed and the nail biter may not even be aware of it as it is done subconsciously such as when watching TV or reading a book.

Nail biters continually bite beyond their nails, going into the cuticles or the soft skin around the nails until soreness, redness and bleeding occurs. Sometimes, infection sets in, affecting even the mouth.

Long term effects interferes with nail growth and could result in nail deformity. Socially, it can affect relationships, work, and may cause low self-esteem.

Why does it happen?

Stress, nervousness, boredom or a learnt behaviour from family members can cause nail biting. In all cases, the outcome is that it will lead to anxiety which will further lead to more or severe nail biting.

Nail biting most likely develops during childhood or it could be a trigger to certain emotional events indicating deeper root causes.

To cope with the above causes, nail biting temporarily relieves stress as it offers a “calming” effect. On the flip side, nail biting could be due to boredom where the person needs a stimulus to prevent boredom from setting in. The down side of it is that will become a pattern that leads to a negative habit.

What can be done to stop the habit?

Besides making the conscious effort such as by keeping the hands busy with doing something else to divert attention, keeping the nails extremely short, there are other ways to deal with the problem.

One of the more common treatments uses a specially formulated clear nail polish that will release a bitter taste when the person bites their nails which will help to act as a deterrent.

Anti-depressants are usually used to treat nail biting although the results may not be very effective and may have some undesired side effects.

Behavioural management techniques can help to unlearn the nail biting behaviour although it may take a long time such as a year to achieve good results. This depends on how long the person has had the problem and the desire to resist the urges.

How hypnotherapy will help to stop nail biting

By putting you into a calm and relaxed hypnotic state, your hypnotherapist will then be able to help you open up your mind to the awareness of the bad habit of nail biting.

Anchoring used together with association and substitution techniques are powerful techniques which uses triggering movements associated with alternate feelings and behaviours, helps in ridding the old bad habit by relieving the compulsion to bite nails.

Regression therapy may also be used to access the information in the subconscious mind which will uncover the underlying reason for the nail biting. By making the connection, it will enable you to understand and resolve the problem.

Would you want to see your beautiful nails again?

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