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Overcome Exam Anxiety

Overcome Exam Anxiety

Many people feel really nervous about taking exams of any kind. For example, there are many people that fear taking a driver’s exam for so much that they become a bundle of nerves and wind up failing the test because they can’t focus and this will affect their learning as well as performance. Although a bit of nervousness helps to stay alert mentally, too much of it becomes uncontrollable. This distressing experience can happen before, during and even after exams.

Even college and university students who participate well in class, do their homework, and have a good understanding of the material, their brains seem to go into lock mode when taking exams. Exam anxiety pressures can be so overwhelming that it creates heart palpitations, shortness of breath, nausea, diarrhoea, headaches, disappointment fears and in extreme cases, depression.

This is because there is a biological reaction to the stress. When the stresses become overwhelming, the brain ‘shuts down’ as a result, leaving the person nervous and unable to cope.

What can cause Exam Anxiety?

There are many reasons why this anxiety develops. It could be due to previous negative experience, bad study habits, lack of preparation and lack of confidence or perhaps a lack of self-esteem.

Exam anxiety is a human behaviour where one person can experience exam anxiety in one situation and not in another. Another person can experience exam anxiety in every situation that challenges their knowledge but in either case, exam anxiety is the result of one of two fears, the fear of failure or the fear of success.

What you can do

To lessen the effects of exam anxiety, it is good to lower your stress levels. There are a few ways to address that such as keeping a proper and food diet and staying away from excessive sugar content; have enough physical exercise and deep breathing techniques which introduces oxygen to help your body relax.

At the same time, there are stress management techniques which could be helpful too. Of course, proper preparation and organising yourself are always encouraged because when everything is organised, it allows lesser chances of doing things wrongly and at the last minute.

How Hypnotherapy Helps with Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety is really a psychological issue and therefore psychological approaches are needed. Hypnotherapy is a very effective approach to overcome the anxiety. Hypnotherapy has been proven to successfully address underlying psychological fears associated with exam anxiety.

Your hypnotherapist will employ a number of techniques which will guide you along a thought changing path to reduce the associated stress that helps you to be in a calm and composed state. By being composed, it will help release your nervousness and fears, enabling your past erroneous beliefs and anxiety to be corrected. From there, new positive beliefs will be installed and reinforced to control and manage your stress and exam anxiety successfully.

Consequently, self-hypnosis can be taught to you to help improve your mental focus and to raise your determination to perform well in your exams at anytime and anywhere.

Would you want to start soaring high?

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