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What is Pain and What Causes It?

Pain is the body’s way of alerting us to extreme danger to our life. Nerves and nerve endings pervade every part of our body, internal or external. Nerves pass into our skin, teeth and internal organs like the liver, stomach and so on. It is at the nerve endings that the pain originates as electrical and chemical impulses that are conveyed to the brain through nerve bundles. When we feel heat it is the heat and pain receptors just on the inside of the skin which tell the nervous center that there is heat and pain. Pain tends to cripple us in our daily activities.

How Can Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis no longer has the reputation of being staged entertainment baloney. Serious medical and psychiatric practitioners are using hypnosis to treat patients with serious and life threatening diseases. In fact, hypnosis has been used for medical purposes for more than a century.

Only recently in the last several decades, have researchers done in depth exploration, scrutinising hypnosis under clinical trials. The results show that hypnosis and the power of suggestion have amazing therapeutic applications.

It has been successfully used to control acute and chronic pain arising from surgery, kidney stones, back conditions, and invasive medical and dental operations (April 29, 2000, issue The Lancet). A number of oncologists have been helping cancer patients cope with the accompanying pain through hypnosis, reducing their need for painkillers like morphine.

How Does Hypnosis Work With Pain?

Pain does not really exist where it seems to come from, for instance the burnt area on the skin. The pain is really experienced in specific areas of our nervous center, and not at the site of an injury. This is the reason behind the “phantom limb” that amputees experience.

This is a key point that seems to be the mechanism of pain management with hypnosis. When you are in hypnosis, you are in a relaxed, calm and very focused state of mind where you are open to receiving positive suggestions. By being in a state of focused concentration on a pleasant and positive image, the centers for pain seem to get blocked from receiving signals from the source of pain. Consequently a person will either feel very little pain or none at all.

If you have a problem with pain that your doctor can’t seem to solve for you, even through medication, consult a hypnotherapist to get to the bottom of its cause. However, be warned that some pain may be due to life threatening diseases like cancer, so it is best you consult your doctor and tell her that you want to use hypnotherapy as an accompanying treatment.

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