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Post-Surgical Healing

Post-Surgical Healing

There are millions of surgeries taking place throughout the world every year from simple procedures like removal of an appendix, tonsils or a root canal to major surgeries such as neuro or cardiac surgery.

Regardless of the type of surgery, stress plays a big part upon the patient, both physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a well known fact that stress suppresses the immune system, and medical research supports this as a common after-effect of surgery, including a weak gastrointestinal system at this time. Sometimes, complications may arise, slowing down the healing process. Therefore, there a quite a few concerns which warrant faster healing process to get back on track.

Frequently, a doctor will prescribe medication to aid the healing process such as antibiotics to prevent infection while others will be pain relievers to alleviate pains and aches for better recovery.

The Healing Process

Fortunately, there are other natural ways to help speed up the healing process. Maintaining a good healthy diet before and after surgery is very helpful. Have plenty of water, fruits and vegetables will help to avoid possible constipation which could come as a side effect of surgical operations as well as iron and mineral rich foods to compensate for depletion during surgery.

Much has been said about how glutamine, arginine and omega 3 supplements have helped quicker recovery. However, do check with your doctor or nutritionist for proper application.

Concurrently, a doctor may also suggest to the patient and undergo hypnotherapy to complement the healing process. It has been proven that in many post surgical situations, hypnosis has actually expedited the healing process, reducing the level of medication used and less complications.

Incidentally, many professional sports teams recognise the fact that hypnosis helps the recovery process of team members and employ it as a post-surgical healing procedure.

How Does Hypnosis Help?

Although this article deals with post-surgical healing, it would be more beneficial to start hypnotherapy before surgical procedure to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for a successful surgery and post-surgery to fully address the healing process, visualising that it will turn out well, in the way you want it.

As hypnotherapy is proven to reduce stress significantly, the body has better chances healing itself because some patients may begin to experience discomfort and anxiety. It is a proven fact that those who have a positive outlook about their surgery and recovery will not only recover, but recover much quicker than people who have even a somewhat negative attitude toward what is happening to them.

In post-surgery, your hypnotherapist will help guide you to focus on your recovery and intensify that good feeling and experience subconsciously, paving the way for your body’s intelligence to start the self-healing process. Therefore, the more you focus on feeling positive, the quicker your body’s response will be in the healing process to bring you back to health.

Would you want to heal faster and be healthy once again?

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