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Why do we procrastinate?

Did you ever have a bright idea that you wanted to see realise before your eyes, but when it came down to making it happen, someone or something came along, distracted you? You found a reason to put your idea on the shelf for the time being, saying to yourself that you would return to it. But you never did.

The reasons for procrastination may seem weak at best. Some say it’s hard work to achieve their dreams. Others say “But I don’t have enough time and resources”. Still others say “What will people think of me? They will laugh at me!” or “I’m not motivated”.

Very often a person procrastinates because of a poor self-image and limiting beliefs. Or perhaps there is a fear of committing to an action that has a finality of its outcome like getting married or buying a house or car.

All the voices that tell us to procrastinate are echoes of deeper emotional sub-conscious blocks. What these issues are we cannot say, for each person has a unique emotional history and has to be looked at individually. These emotions give rise to limiting beliefs which can be heard in the excuses that we make.

Why procrastination is bad for us

Procrastination steals from us. It steals our time, our dreams, our opportunities and our productivity. And we blame ourselves and make ourselves miserable for missing those opportunities.

Putting off till tomorrow what we should do today can cost us money. Pay a credit card bill and you are hit with a late payment fee. To some that seems okay, because maybe it’s only a few dollars. Pay your income tax late and you could go to court! To most people that is definitely not good. Put off removing that pile of rubbish could mean the national health agency slaps you with a $10,000 fine for creating a health hazard.

Procrastination is not a healthy behaviour, especially for business. No business can survive if the owner or any employees procrastinates. It just isn’t possible to generate revenue, and even if that was somehow possible, the consequences of procrastination would wipe out the business in costs.

When a dream is forgotten or put off indefinitely, it is such a great shame, because in each dream is a diamond in the rough just waiting to be polished and shared to light the world around.

We only have so many minutes in our lives, and every breath we take is just one away from our eventual departure from this world. The time we have with our loved ones, family and friends is very precious, and yet when we procrastinate we are just shrugging off the diminishing time we have left.

What can you do about it?

The simple answer is to stop procrastinating. Making resolutions to get things done or making out a list of things to do does not work. Resolutions can get shelved or forgotten. Lists fall behind desks and collect dust. Will power might work, but the conscious is a swimming pool compared to the ocean of the sub-conscious, which is where you will find the real causes of procrastination.

The first step is the need to recognise the seriousness of your procrastination, and that you have a problem. Without realising the need to do something about it, you are like a ship without a rudder, aimless and pointless. When you can do that, your next step will be to get into a program to change your habitual way of thinking.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Procrastination, being rooted in sub-conscious blocks, needs to be addressed at that level, and working at the sub-conscious level is the greatest strength of hypnotherapy.

Your conscious mind introduces an enormous amount of chatter that blocks many of the beneficial suggestions that could change your behaviour. When you are in hypnosis, you are calm and relaxed and your analyzing mind is turned off, and you will be bypassing your conscious mind. The suggestions the hypnotherapist makes to change your behaviour (for example, to take action immediately when you have to do a task) will be easily and readily accepted.

Within a few sessions with your hypnotherapist, you will find you are able to get so many things done.

So don’t put off dealing with your procrastination. Get help with procrastination!

Would you want to overcome your procrastination permanently?

Hypnotherapy is a very effective and permanent solution to your problems. When you require my assistance, please do not hesitate further and contact me.

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