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Releasing Your Fears and Phobias

Releasing Your Fears and Phobias

Live your life with Courage … You deserve “Success and Happiness”

What is fear? And what is phobia? This article will give you an idea of what fears and phobias are, how they can cripple your life, and how you can release them.

What is Fear?

We all have fear. It’s not something we can wipe away or ignore because it is a deep part of the human make-up.

Biologists tell us that fear is a survival mechanism that our primitive ancestors developed for survival. When faced with a dangerous life threatening situation they would either choose to flee or to fight.

When confronted with such a situation our five senses will give us inputs that stimulate our brain. Alarms go off and the adrenal glands start to produce the body’s fear chemicals (adrenaline and the corticoid-steroids). The working of these chemicals enables our body to produce almost super human effort to escape the dangerous situation. But the result can be almost total exhaustion once the dange has passed.

After the dangerous event is over the body produces the dopamines (the feel good hormones) because it must be brought back into a natural balance state. Dopamines have a natural soothing effect on our nervous system and this brings the feeling of well-being back to our body.

Phobias: Your Worst Fears!

All fear is irrational. We already know fear is a natural bodily reaction to a life threatening situation, and there is nothing rational about that.

Phobias, on the other hand, are fears that exist in your mind, and have no apparent rational basis.

For example, we know that the fear of heights, spiders, wide and narrow spaces, social company are all irrational.

How Fear and Phobia Affect You

We can’t escape fear. It is part of our natural survival mechanisms. In a sense (and that depends on whose perspective you are taking), fear can be beneficial as it can motivate us to produce results under great stress. For a short time the stress of fear can make us think very clearly, but our ability to think so clearly rapidly deteriorates if the fear is sustained for too long. That isn’t something we should be experiencing everyday of our live. There are people who driven by fear in their daily lives. These people do not live long; prolonged stress like that will cause the body to age and deteriorate very rapidly.

One of the effects the corticoid-steroids have on your body is to suppress its immunity. Prolonged fear will eventual lead to sickness and will do great harm to the body.

Phobias will cripple you mentally. They will result in impaired judgement and inability to perform well under normal conditions. They rob people of happiness, peace and success. Phobias will tend to affect a person when he is confronted with situations that give rise to them. As a result most phobics will do their best to avoid those situations, and will spend their lives in very constricted ways, denying themselves the peace and happiness they deserve as people.

In any case, people living with fear or phobia will tend to be physically unhealthy as the same fight or flight mechanism is at work, seriously compromising their immune system.

Dealing With Fear

No one wants to live with fear all his or her lives, but many of us cannot help ourselves. Fear is not a pleasant experience but it has a power over us because once experienced and embedded in our sub-conscious it taints all our motivations in living and acting.

We must break the bonds that our fears and phobias place on us and start to live courageusly and fully. That being said where and how do we begin?

The place where our fears and phobias ‘live’ is our sub-conscious, and this is the place to start. But how do we tackle the sub-conscious? How do we get into it?

If you have noticed yourself in a tense and fearful situation you will find yourself breathing shallow and rapidly. This can cause a person to literally pass out because she is not getting the right amount of oxygen to the brain. This in itself is a clue as to where we might begin – our breathing.

By taking slow deep breaths the body has a natural response to slow down, relax and become calm and still. This is a prelude to opening the sub-conscious and is an excellent entry point.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

The next step is to program our minds with new behaviours, thought patterns, habits and actions. The best techniques to create this new programming are those of hypnosis. A qualified, experienced and professional clinical hypnotherapist is the best person to help you.

A hypnotherapist does not need to know or understand your fears and phobias. She is only a facilitator who can help you get into that calm and deeply relaxed state of mind called hypnosis. When you are under hypnosis you will be in a state where you can directly access your forgotten or suppressed memories.

In the process of releasing your fears and phobias you must confront them at their source, and re-experience them when they first happened. Only by coming face to face with your fears can you understand them, and then you can program yourself to release them.

Once you have confronted you can program new ways of reacting and behaving that support rather than inhibit you.

You Are The Conqueror

There is no magical formula for overcoming your fears and phobias. The only person who can release them is you. You need to have faith in your own strength, to embrace life, to live with courage, and to trust the process of healing to take its course.

The life you live and the visions you have for your life all start within your mind. If there are fears that cripple you, you must release them.

Hypnosis is a mental tool that can support you and help you create a better life for yourself. There is nothing to fear from hypnosis, as it is a completely natural technique that use your own mind to heal itself.

You have the right to live your life to its fullest; you should not allow your fears and phobias to cripple you. Consult a hypnotherapist today, and live a trouble and fear free life.

Hypnosis in Singapore

If you have phobias or fears that are affecting you and your life, consult a hypnotherapist. Be open to changing your life and living it to the fullest.

Would you want to overcome your fear and phobias effectively?

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