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Sports And Peak Performance

Sports And Peak Performance

It is not only about being talented, working hard and going for higher goals. It is more than that! Despite obstacles or moments of doubt, and even when the going seems insurmountable or impossible, serious sports and/or peak performers stay dedicated and on-track to achieve their personal goals.

In contrast, many lose hope and blame on external factors instead of looking internally as the mental blocks build up and prevent them from being committed and realising their dreams. As with most things in life, it takes much effort to achieve, and no effort at all to just give up!

What are those personal goals that it takes to achieve? Is it to perform with confidence or to one’s ability or to win? The answer is probably all three of them! To do that however, you must first develop the mental toughness and mental preparation is vital. This applies to people in sports as well as to careers, business and other fields.

What can one do to improve?

Mental preparation is important to be a good peak performer. Staying positive enhances your strength, and working smart instead of just simply working hard will provide better results.

Having a positive attitude will guide the necessary behaviour needed. It creates the right mindset to determine precise performance goals. Ascertain the priority of each goal and work accordingly, one by one. Make sure your goals are realistic.

In sports, modern methods such as sports psychology are used to motivate and focus the mind for peak performance.

Hypnotherapy plays an important role

Mental blocks that prevent you from achieving your goals are linked to self-belief. It also means that it is difficult to see yourself as a ‘winner’. Your hypnotherapist will help you to remove those mental blocks by using visualisation techniques, mental training and strategies and you mentally envision yourself realising your goals and objectives.

You use that as a mental movie and visualise yourself accomplishing your aim, thus overcoming the negative mental barrier. When enough visualisation is done, your mind will not know the difference between reality and imagination and accepts as if you have done it. Thus, when the real event takes place, it will simply accept it as a repeat performance. With repeated action, we can perform even better than the last one.

Hypnotherapy will also help you stay calm and focused under pressure instead of giving in to negative emotions of anxiety and self-doubt. As a consequence, you perform at your peak to the best of your ability with confidence.

Would you want to be at your peak performance?

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