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Success & Abundance

Success & Abundance

Hello, dear reader. Are you satisfied with your life? Do you envy the success and wealth that you see others having? Perhaps you just met an old classmate who now owns several successful businesses and wears ten-thousand dollar watches. You know, the one who didn’t do so well in his exams? Or maybe you sigh when you read the tabloid stories about the rich and famous?

It is very human to desire success and abundance, yet only a few lucky ones seem to have it. So we ask ourselves: Why are the wealthy so wealthy, and the poor so poor? And why do they stay that way? What is so special about them that make them rich or poor? Is it all about luck (or no luck for the poor)?

Why The Rich Are So Rich, And The Poor So Poor

Studies show that it is how people perceive themselves, and the effect of their habits. The wealthy have the habit of seeing opportunities everywhere by being positive, whereas the poor habitually think of lack and how difficult it is to live.

Being positive is all important. Negativity says no to everything, blinding people to opportunities. “I can’t have success because my father said I won’t amount to much.” “The rich already own so much how can I hope to get a piece of the pie?”

The abundant person always thinks “How can I create good things for others and make a good and comfortable living from it?”

Forming New Habits

So you ask “How can I form these positive habits? By reading a book? By attending a seminar? By being mentored by a successful person?”

Books and seminars only give a small portion of what successful and abundant people can share. A mentor can help you, but such a person is not that easy to find. These things can and do help, but you first need to understand that it starts with YOU. You need to look at your own mindset first.

You also need to realise that you can’t be positive and negative at the same time. “Oh that’s obvious!” you say. True, it is obvious. But can you do it? Can you stay positive all the time and see the good and the opportunities all around you?

If you have too often never been able to make a success out of your efforts, I would bet all the chocolate in the world that you will be unable to maintain a positive outlook because your DOMINANT way of thinking would be negative. YOUR negativity keeps you from seeing and grasping the opportunities that could bring you abundance and success you desire. No matter how positivity you think you can hold in your mind, your prevailing negativity will cancel all of it out and blind you to the abundance the world has to offer. That is the grim reality.

So let me say this again, you cannot be positive and negative at the same time, and expect to have success and abundance! You need to realise that your habitual ways of thinking are the result of your subconscious blueprints that were laid down in your past. All habits are formed subconsciously. The way to successfully and directly change your thinking habits is through your subconscious.

Habits And Emotions

Have you ever experienced receiving something that you really enjoyed and wanted, like a delicious meal? Did you remember how you felt before receiving it? Preceding the meal there was excitement, anticipation, some drooling, and maybe even somebody’s imagination run wild!

Well it’s the same with success and abundance. Only when you feel emotionally successful and abundant will you ever have it, because emotions and feelings are the language of your subconscious.

You have to ask yourself what your habitual emotions are. Are they joyful, open and receptive? Or are they emotions of dejection, lack and self-denial? Subconsciously you will choose whatever emotions are aligned with your present blueprint. If you are persistently negative, you may have a blueprint of lack or self-denial, and just won’t have the emotions and programming to support your desire for abundance and success.

That is the simple difference between the unsuccessful and the wealthy. To become successful and live abundantly, it is as simple as adjusting your way of thinking, but the effort you need to make the change is far greater than you may realise, and that is why it can be so difficult.

Change Your Thinking Habits

So just how do you change your habitual way of thinking? You could do it consciously by repeating positive affirmations to yourself, but that would take forever and is guaranteed to bring you failure and cause you to lose hope before long.

The best route is through your subconscious, because that is how your existing blueprint got there in the first place. When we were as young children we were always in a relaxed state, and so we soaked up everything that our parents and other adults said to us, or demonstrated through their actions. It is only when we are as relaxed as children that we can access our subconscious, and make new ways and habits of thinking . The deeper the relaxation, the more will be the new way of thinking.

Your New Blueprints

So can you just relax and say to yourself that you are ready to be abundant and successful? If only it could be like that. Unfortunately, the human mind does not subtract, and can only add, so your old ways of thinking will still be there. In the absence of a new way of thinking, you will continue as you are right now.

Your habits are the hardest things to change. They give you a sense of security – “I’ve been doing this all my life, so it’s got to be the safest way to do things”, even though that may be false. So don’t think it will be easy, or try to look for the easy way out. It won’t work and you will be deceiving yourself.

How Hypnosis Can Help

There are a few ways in which you can be put in touch with your subconscious, but the most effective is through hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of mind where you are in a deep relaxed state and open to suggestions that you are willing to accept.

Anyone can learn the tools to help you through hypnosis, and the best tools for this are the techniques of self-hypnosis. There are many teachers who can pass these onto you, and the best teachers of these techniques are hypnotherapists.

You may have read some articles or literature that state, only some people can be hypnotised. The truth is anyone can be hypnotised. All the habits that you have were imprinted in your subconscious when you were in a receptive state of mind, and this is exactly what hypnosis is. If you were not hypnotizable, you would not have any habits or memories. Basically you would be a vegetable.

Everybody has at sometime in her life been in hypnosis, whether she was consciously aware of it or not, and usually you aren’t. So don’t worry. If you’re a normal person of sound mind and body, you will be able to benefit from self-hypnosis.

Keep At It…

No change can take place unless it is deeply etched in your subconscious. What is necessary is to keep on progressing, using the techniques of self-hypnosis, until you find the changes are evident. Repetition carves the changes in stone of your sub-conscious. This may seem similar to affirmations, but there is a world of difference. Affirmations which are done consciously need a lot of time and energy to reach your subconscious as compared to being in a state of hypnosis. You will find that changes are much swifter and easier.

In the beginning you will find change difficult, especially because the outer change needs to be specific to reflect the deeper inner changes. If you don’t know where to start, you can perhaps open yourself up to receiving larger amounts of money than you have ever received before. Many people have difficulty with how much they receive, which is why they seem to be stuck with such low salaries.

You will need to expand your blueprint as time goes by, for example, being open to receiving more love, more friends, and so on. If there is a specific area you would like to be see abundance, focus on changing that area until you see the results. You can be sure that if the changes take place deep within your subconscious, you will find that your outer life will change for the very best, very quickly, and very effectively.

Consult A Hypnotherapist

Consult a hypnotherapist and tell her your situation, and how you would like to change your life. She will be able to give you the experience of being taken in hypnosis. You will be surprised just how natural it really is. It is important to be open to suggestions that will do you good, because only then will you be successful in creating the new blueprints for abundance and success.

It would be beneficial to go through a few sessions with your hypnotherapist and learn the techniques of self-hypnosis and crafting your own scripts. A script is essentially a set of positive statements or affirmations that will create the new blueprint you desire in your subconscious.

Would you want to attract abundance and become very successful in your life?

Hypnotherapy is a very effective solution to your problems. When you require my assistance, please do not hesitate further and contact me.

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