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The Making Of A Successful Trader

The Making Of A Successful Trader

Why did you become a trader?

  • To make a fortune by riding the waves to success?
  • To have control with your time and resources?
  • To make passive income?
  • To get away from the rat race?
  • To spend more time with your family/children?
  • To become rich & wealthy?

Whatever your purpose may be, you probably thought that by mastering your skills and techniques as a trader you could fulfill your purpose & dreams. It made good sense at that time.

However, when you start trading, the opposite happens; you keep losing money and you start to lose confidence. Perhaps, you may have to re-look at your trading plan or you realise you did not stick to your trading plan.

Most often, it is not the plan but the individual executing the plan. Take a look at the following scenario:

  • The trader is letting losses run and taking profits too quickly.
  • The trader is being selective when their system gives them signals, and not being decisive often, misses profitable opportunities because the decisions are based on emotion and not sticking to the plan.
  • In other words, the plan is simply not being implemented as it was intended and tested.

It is obvious that the source of the problem lies in the psychology of the trader rather than the trading plan or the strategy.

I am not discounting the importance of learning a robust trading system, building skills and developing your inner strengths. However, you will get to a stage where the process becomes ‘simple’ and eventually it becomes really easy. You become confident in your system, which is fundamental to your success.

Let me get back to the other fundamental aspects necessary to succeed in your trading journey — eliminating the emotions, keeping your focus and discipline.

You will need the inner strength to deal with anything the market can present to you. Many traders have initial success and this can build a false sense of security.

The market may be going through a nice up-trend, regular patterns and a certain amount of predictability. You are making profits on most trades and you think you have mastered the trading game but before you know it and without warning, the market becomes tough. Everyone is screaming uncertainty in the market, “Is this the next slump? What’s happening?”

One thing that is happening is that you no longer know how to deal with these changes and your confidence is taking a beating. In short, you are affected emotionally.

The answer really lies in your ability to trade the market as it happens, never assuming nor predicting. Trade what you see and what you know.

Having this ability and sticking to your trading plan with determination and confidence in all situations means that you have developed the inner strength of steel required to trade your way to success.

Work on your discipline, focus and emotionally stability.

Nancy Ho is a clinical hypnotherapist & life coach with a sound understanding in trading, and she excels at helping traders understand themselves. She also helps them to gain mastery of their mindset, focus, behaviours and beliefs.

Thus, traders will use their logic instead of reacting emotionally and making impulsive decisions which later cause regrets. Their inner strength will be harnessed.

Would you want to become a successful trader?

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