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Treat Gambling Addictions

Treat Gambling Addictions

Gambling is any activity that involves staking a chance to gain money. It is also a form of taking calculated risks. Although we take chances and risks in life which can be a good thing to better ourselves, gambling addiction can become dangerous when they start to interfere with daily activities and responsibilities.

There are many forms of gambling addictions, from card game gambling, sports gambling, to horse betting and online video gambling. Gambling addictions are not limited to the examples noted. This distracting and risky behaviour has cost people their cars, homes, relationships and self-respect. Many gambling addicts do not realise they have a problem and it often goes unnoticed because there are no visual symptoms. It would only become evident when the person’s life has started to unravel, resulting in negative consequences.

Out-Of-Control Behaviour

Gambling addiction is a habit forming and compulsive behaviour that has gone out of control. Thus, gambling addiction has psychological components.

For example, the person remembers the thrill of the last bet or lottery game, it creates biochemicals such as adrenalin, which are transmitted to the brain and relayed to the rest of the body. If the cycle is repeated continuously, it becomes a pattern where both the brain and body will on the constant search for the biochemical signals or that adrenalin rush. The pull factor created is simply too great to resist and therefore the person becomes hooked no matter how hard he or she tries to quit, bringing about dire consequences. They may even resort to beg, borrow or steal to feed their gambling habit.

Some clues to look for are: being secretive about the gambling activities, large and increasing credit card debts, being defensive or creating excuses for gambling, persistent risk taking and the obvious constant search for money in whatever means available.

What Can Be Done About It?

It may be you have no one to turn to for help or it you may find it hard to admit to yourself that you need help. However, the first and most important step is to recognise that you have a gambling problem and you want to do something about it.

Denial is the key that prevents you from dealing with your problem. Denial is more than just saying, “I don’t have a problem”. It is denying one’s thoughts and feelings. You do not have to go it alone. You can also reach out for support from family or trusted friends for support.

Keep yourself occupied with productive and healthy activities because if you are busy, it will help to take your mind off gambling. Obviously, all this takes time and perseverance, but keep yourself going in the right direction. Another good way is to seek professional help such as from a qualified Hypnotherapist.

How Hypnosis Helps Overcome Gambling Addiction

As mentioned earlier, you will first need to recognise that you have a gambling problem and that you want to stop and overcome it.

Then, your hypnotherapist will be able to start to help you to re-examine your thought patterns that have produced the gambling habit. By changing your state of mind subconsciously, the brain will send the appropriate signals to the body, thereby breaking those old thought patterns and cycles, thus diminishing the emotional need and attachment to gambling. Hence, it will just remain as a memory which will no longer affect you.

At the same time, your hypnotherapist will help you replace the old patterns and behaviours with new positive ones, ensuring your success.

Various strategies such as guided imagery has also been proven helpful to increase self-confidence and self-control, as well as reducing the levels of stress hormones. What all these will do is to rewire your subconscious mind for success. With that, your self-programming will start to kick in, cultivating success and new thought patterns to empower yourself.

Would you want to treat your gambling addiction?

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